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  • D.M. Russ

Goodbye Blues, Hello Dreams

Deep free conscious and dreaming A smile inside you when you are asleep Everything was sparkling and gleaming See the smirk of non reason fleeing.

I saw blue skies and butterflies Long fields of barley and rye Rivers and rabbits and birds in flight Bad things all dwell out of sight Streams with flowers and smooth rocks In a distance the fading red fox.

But then I awoke it was all a dream Smacked by the true reality beam I see politics with mind pollution Comes thundering back with dreadful resolution.

Darkness and lies Joking's and cries Turn off the radio and shutdown the news You will get rid of most of you blues.

This is reality of what we face Everything you hear is a disgrace So shut it all out, you can not go wrong Stay in your own world, that's where you belong.

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