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    David is a published author living in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia.


    David has a bachelor’s degree in business management at Liberty National University, an associate’s degree in photography from the New York Institute of Photography, and various certificates in art from Virginia Highlands Community College. He saw combat while serving in the United States Army during Desert Storm, Desert Shield, and Operation Iraqi Freedom.


    David has published articles in Trap and Trail Magazine and has been featured in TV Guide as well as various other weekly newspapers.


   David is a member of the National Poetry Society, and has won the National Poetry Society Award. He lives in Abingdon, Virginia, with his wife Becky, and their three dogs,  Zeva, Angel, and Gracie Lynn, they also help with the cat adoptions in the local area with fifteen cats on the farm.

Ranked number Six in the World Best Photographers in artistic objects 2016, also number One photo of the year 2016.


Various Classes Taken:


Diamante Poetry Non Rhyming Form

Dark Poetry 101


Penn State Beekeeping 101

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