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Day 19 Haiku

Homeless (Nature Haiku)

fire destroys forest red ambers smoke of what is left animals lost homes

Ice Fishing (Nature Haiku)

lake frozen solid drilling a hole in the ice dropping hook through hole tip of pole bobbing pulling fish out of water eating fish dinner

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Day 24 (Haiku)

Ghost Whispers (Haiku) motionless movement silent echos in the wind mind hears spoken words Sweet Berries (Haiku) blackberries ripen hand pick them from the bushes juice drips over lips Silence On Ear

Day 22 (Haiku)

Wet Blanket (Haiku) bright wild flowers blooming covered blanket across land water soaking blanket Honey Dance (Haiku) honeysuckle blooms sweet aroma of nectar honeybee's dancing

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